A healthy, fulfilling family hobby Urban Gardening Plant Inn Compact

View LargePlant Inn Compact Plant Inn Compact A healthy, fulfilling family hobby! The Plant Inn Compact is a raised garden bed combined with a storage area underneath that will extend your growing season. The innovative gardening system is perfect for urban living and limited outdoor spaces. The underneath storage compartment is a wonderful solution for storing all your gardening and planting equipment. The entire family can enjoy growing and eating their own fresh organic vegetables and herbs. Children, parents, elderly, disabled and beginners can benefit from the Plant Inn Compact as an all-together hobby.

A healthy, fulfilling family hobby Urban Gardening Plant Inn Compact

Perfect Solution for gardening and storage on your balcony

  • Half opening option - allows control of temperature, ventilation & humidity levels

  • Storage unit & internal water drainage

  • 10 Plant Hangers included for trellising option

Decorative raised garden bed with a storage unit

  • Suitable for use on balconies or small courtyards to lean against a free wall
  • Perfect for growing fruit, veggies and herbs all year round
  • Comfortable gardening on a lifted bed
  • Virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate panels: protects from frost & snow, blocks harmful UV rays
  • Storage area for gardening equipment and tools
  • Compact light weight packaging fits in a car’s back seat
  • All included kit with easy self-assembly

Suitability and durability

  • Rust resistant Aluminum frame
  • Galvanized steel base included
  • Planting Tray Dimensions

    110 W x 55 D x 18 H cm
    43.3” W x 21.6” D x 7” H

  • Raised bed planting area (Volume)

    1.08 m³


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