A work station that forms into a growhouse urban gardening

Grow Station A work station that forms into a growhouse Grow Station is a workbench, a greenhouse and a storage unit. The 2 robust shelves can be used as a potting table. When done, just close the doors to have an Aluminum and polycarbonate greenhouse. Plants on top while soil and equipment can be stored below. This is your compact gardening center – an encompassing solution for limited space.

A work station that forms into a growhouse urban gardening

  • Stable shelves that can be used as a work station

  • Hinged locking mechanism remains open for ventilation

  • Adjustable shelves' height for personal comfort

  • Storage area

  • Stand alone unit - no wall mounting is needed

2 Sturdy galvanized steel shelves can carry heavy pots or equipment


  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate glazing protects young plants from cold, frosts and pests
  • Crystal Clear Polycarbonate on front and lid– 90% light transmission
  • Twin-Wall polycarbonate glazing on side walls for maintaining inner temperature
  • Back wall included for isolated inner environment

Outdoor Storage Unit

  • 2 hinged doors for easy access
  • 100% UV protection for inner equipment
  • Easy assembly

Long Lasting

  • Heavy duty Aluminum frame – durable, rust resistant
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate
  • UV protected
  • Maintenance free – no rot, rust or peel
  • Storage Capacity

    0.85m³ (30 ft³)

  • Shelves Sizes

    111 x 51cm / 43¾” x 20″

Category: Gardening