Bigger is Better

Covers in Play Enclosures are getting bigger and bigger. Over the years our clients are requesting larger and larger Enclosures. Size is not a problem for Covers in Play since our patent design is scalable to almost any size. The limitation is only your imagination.

Bigger is Better

Covers in Play started with the goal to be the best. With our engineering firm Palladium we analyzed existing products on the market, sun rooms, curtain wall systems and with our experience from other engineering fields such as nuclear, machine design and consumer products developed truly aesthetically pleasing Pool Enclosures that are stronger, build better and have a patented features.


Pushing Pool Enclosures, not us. We drive cars now, not horse and buggy so why would anyone want to push a building around. Not Covers in Play. That is why we continued to apply our engineering expertise and pushed forward developing our patented drive system to move these aesthetically pleasing Pool Enclosures. No manual pushing, No slipping and falling. Only need to push a button to move our Pool Enclosures, except if you want to push it.


To better understand the difference of our engineering, quality and customer service give us a call today at Covers in Play.

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