We have compiled a list of the the most frequently asked questions regarding our business, our products, our services and any other general questions.

(1)  Why should i choose your company?

SuZhou Sunrim Intelligent Technology Co., LTD only choose the most suitable materials and we 

have more than 10 years experience in manufacturing and installing retractable sunrooms. Besides, we have professional designers 

and engineers to provide professional advises and drawings.

(2)  How long does it take to process a custom made sunroom before delivery?

It depends on the size, style as well as the conditions of our workshop, usually 30-50 business days after deposit

(3)  How should i assemble after receiving?

We provide customized installing instruction as per confirmed drawing after production. You can install by yourself if it is a small one 

or turn to professional engineers for help if it is a big project.

(4) How can your sunroom resist strong wind? Need special protection in bad weathers?

The design criteria of the building in resisting wind is 90-100km/h. We recommend keep the cover closed and locked during wind. 

Keep in mind securing the anchor members to ground tracks when closing.